So, you are a young professional and want to live your life on your own terms, then you are on the right track. Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective ways to gain success. But, as a soldier would perform half as good as he would without his guns, the same way the affiliate marketers would perform half as good as he would without the correct Affiliate Marketing tools.

Therefore, in this article, we are going to see some of the must-have affiliate marketing tools. You might have seen a lot of click-baits saying “30 best affiliate Marketing tool” or “50 Essential affiliate marketing tools”, yes, it gives you options but you need to understand that since you are a new professional you may want to be efficient and in this article, we are going to make the selection of affiliate marketing tool as efficient as it gets.

Affiliate Marketing tools:-

This list is in no particular order as none of them are perfect and you have to choose one according to your needs.

1. Ahrefs:-

If backlinks are your priorities then Ahrefs is one of the best in the market. This Affiliate Marketing tool provides the users with an on-page audit, competitive content analysis, keyword research, and any more interesting features that allow you to keep track of the trends.

But as mentioned earlier in this section, managing backlinks are something that this affiliate marketing tool nails. So, apart from all the mentioned features, you will get notified about the trending backlinks, dead backlinks, and a regular about your current backlinks.

There are some key features that you must know about the Ahrefs:-

  • Ahrefs provides you with old and new backlinks.
  • They search the web and then show the most trending topic.
  • Review your backlinks and then give you ideas to make it better.

Ahrefs is one of the best and advanced SEO tools. You can understand by looking at its customer line which consists of some of the best in business, such as Netflix, Uber, Linkedin, etc.

Having said that Ahrefs is not for beginners. If you are new in this line then you should look at the next Affiliate Marketing tools in the market.

But for any other, we would recommend giving Ahrefs a shot with their trial plan for $7 a week.

2. SEMRush:-

SEMRush is somewhat similar to Ahrefs. It is another SEO tool but for beginners, you can clearly see this as the trial period is free in SEMRush unlike Ahrefs, where you ought to pay $7 to try the affiliate marketing tool. In our opinion, this is a good affiliate marketing tool for this online business

It is an essential commodity for a person trying to achieve success in the marketing field as it allows give you suggestions to correct the SEO errors, dig-out keywords, and analyze the competition. Apart from that, it will calculate the return on investment and analyze your SEO score.

There are some key feature that you must know about SEMRush:-

  • SEMRush provides searches on the web and then shows you the trending keyword in your particular niche.
  • SEMRush allows you to run an SEO audit to heal your website.
  • Check for the press mention.

3. Flippa:-

If you are new in this field of affiliate marketing and want to build on your empire from scratch then use this affiliate marketing tool. Using this will give you an upper hand over your competitor as it analyzes the market in a way that no other affiliate marketing tool can do.

Think of it as an e-commerce website. You can go to Flippa and purchase a website. Not only that if you are not satisfied with your current website and want to buy a new one then you can sell your current website to this portal and then buy one for a perfect price.

So, even though, you are starting your carrier from the scratch but your website is far ahead of its competition.

In order to use Flippa, you need to first sign-up and create your account. To do that, you need to follow the prescribed steps:-

Step 1: Go to the official website of Flippa, and then click on Sign up.

Step 2: This will ask you to sign-up with either your mail or google.

Step 3: This will redirect you to a page where you need to select the purpose and fill out the essential details to get this started and then click on the Create my account button.

4. ShareASale:-

I am assuming that you want to excel in the field of affiliate marketing, in order to succeed in your affiliate marketing carrier you need to build a good contact list. Brands, websites, and peoples who have the same purpose and are willing to invest their time in your product. ShareASale does just that. It builds business relations between the website owners and the advertisers. So, now, you can get paid as per the lead or the visitors.

Therefore, if you are a young professional or a market expert you should try the ShareASale out. Once you use it, you will see exponential growth in your business as communication is the way to succeed.

5. YoastSEO:-

This is essential for your website as it provides you an extra SEO customization options. You may have noticed your SEO points out of 100 while uploading an article. Those SEO points can be increased by using the correct Meta-description, tags, title, and keyword density. The YoastSEO allows you to customize all of that and at the same time give you an option to add meta robots.

It is a free service but if you want 24/7 support then you need to enroll in its premium plan. The premium plan will have an extra feature called Redirect Manager. It enabled the option of redirecting broken pages and 420 other pages.

6. Grammarly:-

You may have heard the name Grammarly a lot through ads on the internet. And if you are a content writer then the best thing for you would be to install this application.

As the name suggests they aim to make your article more grammatically correct. You may have very fluent English and proper knowledge about grammar, but because of Grammarly, you can correct some of the nuances such as the comma, exclamation mark, etc.

They also suggest alternatives to some of the wordy phrases that you use in order to make your article more appealing.

Although, they are free to use if you want you can always go for the premium pack as it will allow you to structure in a more appealing manner. But in our opinion, you should go for the free version.

Download free Grammerly Chrome Extension from here.

7. WordPress:-

You may have heard or used this website builder tool while building your website but it’s worth a mention. WordPress is by far one of the best and easiest ways to build a website. There are easier alternatives or the one providing better customization options but WordPress strikes a perfect balance between the two.

Therefore, if you are starting your web journey or were using another builder then it’s time you choose WordPress.

8. Canva:-

I am assuming that you want to make your website as aesthetically pleasing as possible for that you must have the required tool in your arsenal and Canva is one of them. Canva allows you to beautify the image that you are going to upload with the help of filters and add nuances to that image.

Just log in to, sign-up, and start editing.

9. Duplichecker:

If you want your article to rank then apart from the SEO ranking one thing you should always keep in mind is to check the plagiarism. If some of the lines of your article match with some other article on the internet then it can be taken down by Google. Duplichecker has this in-built mechanism by which it checks your whole article and then marks the lines that you have intentionally or unintentionally copied.

This way you will be able to eliminate all the plagiarised phrases from your article making it plagiarism-free that will eventually help your website in attaining high rank.

10. Google Search Console:-

Google Search Console is very important when your website is in either the intermediate or advanced phase. It allows you to analyze your traffic and then manage your website in a lucrative manner. Therefore, if you are not using this tool then start using it. This way you can ensure that your website always ranks.

11. Sumo:

Sumo is one of the known tools in the industry of affiliate marketing that websites may hear the name once in their life. Sumo provides many functions A website owners can use to multiply their online traffic.

It allows the user to multi-task which includes email, analytics, and social sharing in one app. Share, Image Sharer, Welcome Mat, List Builder, Scroll Box, Smart Bar, Highlighter, Content Analysis, Contact Form, Google Analytics, Live Chat, and Heat Maps are the tool that comes under Sumo App which allows users to function above-mentioned tasks.

Smart Bar, List Builder, Welcome Mat, Live Chat, and Scroll Box are the tools that enable users to increase their site’s network by trapping Email legally thus creating an Email list.

12. TinyPNG:

This is a must have tool. You may have heard about the different image types such as JPG, PNG, etc. Most of the images you find online are in the JPG format because in this the file size is small without comprising much with the quality of image.

TinyPNG helps you to convert .PNG image into .JPG image. Therefore, you will be able to upload good images of low size, eventually, site will load faster.

A Web owner must know that slow sites lead to deterioration in money income even a second required for loading the site can accelerate the Bounce rate meaning visitors who left the site without reading the pages.

The best option to increase the sites’ speed is by compressing the image that is needed to put on the website. Image compression is the easiest way to improve the speed by reducing the image size so it would be easy to load the site.

TinyPNG allows users to do the said task by using lossy compression methods. A user can diminish some colors in the image that won’t make a large difference in the image’s quality but it will have a major difference in the files’ storage.

The app allows users to shrink the images that will occupy less space in the website thus increasing sites’ speed while using less bandwidth resulting in loading the sites faster and decreasing the Bounce rate.

13. WPEngine:

A website owner rent a space on the physical server to store all the important data required for the smooth running of the website by using online services known as Web hosting and there are many options available in the market a website owner can use such as WPEngine, GoDaddy, BackupBuddy, iThemes Security are some of the affordable options.

WPEngine lets the users securely backup their site-related information as well as made hackers run the opposite direction from the site due to its security measures. It not only allows the user to web host but also let them have daily backups, easily restoring the data on a click, automatically updating the security that gives a ruler feeling to the user.

Many branded known company such as SoundCloud, HTC, FourSquare, etc for WordPress Hosting uses WPEngine.

14. AdThrive:

The most common knowledge every website owners know is that the key to earn a bulk of the money is the ads on the websites. AdThrive is the best app that functions together with the user to optimize the analytics as well as suggest different ads layout. It allows the owners of the websites to create ads as per the requiring demands thus increasing the digits in users’ bank balance.

Bloggers instead of using Ad Thrive can use Mediavine, Google AdSense, Bing Ads if Ad Thrive doe not approve of your sites or webpages.

15. WP-PostRatings:

Before using anything we search for their previews or ratings to see their functionality. Clickthrough Rate is the number of times users open the site divided by the number of times it is shown that helps in increasing the search ranking. It can be increased by applying a rating system to the website that allows the users to rate the seeing articles.

WP-PostRating allows the owner to embed CTR( Clickthrough Rate)  in the MetaData thus allowing the readers to rate the blog by its quality. The more the ratings, the higher the searching ranks, and the higher the ranks more the coming revenue. GD Star Rating and Star rating are some of the rating plugins that a website owner can use to insert it in the Metadata.

16. Last Modified Timestamp:-

This is again for begineers. If you are new to this whole blogging and affiliate marketing business then the first thing you are aiming towards would be to bring traffic on your website and elevate your ranking and the Last Modified Timestamp does just that.

Therefore, you should use the Last Modified Timestamp as it is one of the most underrated affiliate marketing tool.

17. Google AdSense:-

Who doesn’t knwo about the Google Adsence. If you are looking to transform your website into a money making cow then the Google AdSense is something you should read about.

Many people talk about the Google AdSence but they don’t explain the nuances of it. They don’t tell how you are going to be paid. There are two options and you can select one of them on your terms.

  1. CPM: CPM is a more simplified term for cost per thousand impressions. In this, you will be paid an amount depending on the times that it is appeared on the google search page. The amount can vary between $1 to $3.
  2. CPC: CPC is an abbreviattion for Cost Per Click, in this you will be paid depending on the times that a user has clicked on your content’s link.

18. Shortcodes Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Tools:-

You might remember what we said about the grammerly that it shortens your sentence and make it more readable. You should always keep in mind that your webiste ranks on the basis of the time that the reader is giving to it.

Therefore, your primary objectives while writing the article should be make it as readable as possible and the Shortcodes Ultimate assists you in doing that.

19. PB SEO Friendly Images:-

You must make your article as aesthetically pleasing as possible and the PB SEO Friendly Images helps you in doing that. It add images to your posts to make it more appealing to the audiences and to explain your topic better.This tool is essential to optimize your images that can help you to get rank easily in google


In this article, we have carved the internet search 19 of the best affiliate marketing tools out there in the market..Its waste of money and valuable efforts choose the wrong things but you have to know whats the right tools for your you. There are hundreds of affiliate marketing tools in the market but we have tried to simplify this for you.

We have tried to cover all the aspects of affiliate marketing from building your website to finding clients all can be done with the mentioned tools. We hope you have enjoyed this topic and taking the right actions from now.

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