Are you a young affiliate marketer? If yes then the first thing that you need to nail is the website. You must know that appearance matters a lot, your website should look as it if it means business.

Therefore, in this article, we are going to talk about one of the best affiliate marketing themes out there in the market called Affiliate Booster theme.

If you are beginner in this field you can read our affiliate marketing for beginners post that will be beneficial for you.

In this article, we are going to lay facts about the affiliate booster and at the same time need a good theme.

Why do I need an Affiliate Theme:-

The main purpose of a theme is to make your content look good. If your content looks good and appealing, viewers with think that your website can be trusted.

There is a phenomenon called the “Hallo Affect”, in this, one builds someone’s personality by looking at one of his traits.

Think of it as a good car. If a car’s exterior is attractive your brain will automatically assume that the good irrespective of its features and characteristics.

In this same manner, if you have a visitor on a website with an affiliate booster’s theme. Then you are one step ahead of your competition as you can pull more viewers than all of them combine.

Is Affiliate Booster legit?

The only reason why you haven’t heard this name before is if you are living under the rocks or just have started your affiliate carrier. It’s like asking what is Apple.

If you have any experience in affiliate marketing then you may have heard of affiliate booster. They are a one-stop shop for all your affiliate themes. It doesn’t matter what your genre is you will find something here.

So, yes it is legit and it is good, but, there’s a bit of hype surrounding this product. Therefore, in this article, we are going to see whether it’s worth the hype or not.

Are Affiliate Booster themes good?

Affiliate Booster themes are just like some other themes, but the caveat here is, it is created by an affiliate marketer. Because of which they are optimized in a successful manner.

If someone is an affiliate marketer, because of his experience, he knows what works and whatnot. Therefore, the affiliate booster themes are really good.

The affiliate marketer we are talking about is Mr. Kulwant Nagi. He himself is a very successful affiliate marketer and the theme was designed keeping affiliate marketers in mind.

A lot of our readers, are currently using WordPress themes. I don’t have any personal grudge against them but they are for everyone and not specifically for affiliate marketing. If you are creating a technical website you can use one of them, if you are creating a political website you can use one of them. Therefore, it is not optimized for you guys. But the Affiliate Booter themes are.

Review of Affiliate Booster theme:-

Now! It’s time to discuss the affiliate booster theme in detail. We have already concluded that it is good but let’s see why.

There are a few things that we are going to consider here.

  1. Scheme Optimization.
  2. Google SEO
  3. Loading time and overall speed.

Let’s talk about each one of them in detail.

Scheme Optimization:-

Before analyzing the Affiliate Booster theme on the basis of Scheme Optimization. We should first see what Scheme Optimization is.

According to Moz which is smart SEO software, representation of your page and search engine read can be improved with the help of a collection of codes, those codes are called Schema.

The best part about the Affiliate Booster theme is that it is completely Scheme optimized. That’s great news for three kinds of people, someone who has just started, someone who doesn’t get recognized, someone who is successful but is ambitious to reach the zenith of his carrier as because of this your website becomes “google friendly”.

Therefore, you should get the Affiliate Booster Theme and then try to test your URL for the “Rich Results Test”. We have done a Rich Result Test on our website and as you can see in the screenshot below that the results were good.

Search Engine Optimization Score:-

SEO score or search engine optimization score is very important if your aim is to rank your website on Most of you have may know this but for some of you who don’t, the most important thing to know about SEO is that it defines your rank on the google recommendation list. So, you know that it is very important.

There are a few things that equate your SEO points, the keyword density, the way by which your article is written, and the way your website looks. Out of these three, you can manage the first two but the last one is mostly out of your control, but not anymore, as we want you to the Affiliate Booster theme.

It is a fairly simple theme, but the impact is drastic.

Your SEO points are evaluated out of 100. And if your website is anywhere above 70 then you are on the right track. Guess what! Affiliate Booster Theme ensures that your website’s SEO score will always be more than 90. Isn’t that great news.

Loading time and overall speed:-

Isn’t it frustrating when you load a website and it takes forever to load? You may be scolding your network provider but it can be because of the website’s theme.

You may have heard people saying don’t use .png or .tiff extensions while uploading an image as they are bulky. In the same manner, you want your website theme to be light in order to minimize the loading time and improve the overall speed and user experience.

Another thing you should know that a slow website can never rank because of the google policy. is a widely used search engine and it can not tolerate a slow website, therefore, it’s time to scrap your previous theme and get an Affiliate Booster Theme.

Don’t just listen to us, you should see the results by yourself.

Here’s what happens when your website runs on the Affiliate Booster theme.

We have results for both platforms.

For Mobile

For Desktop

All about themes:-

We have discussed the advantages you will get if you use the affiliate booster theme, but we have discussed the themes yet. Therefore, this section is all about themes.

The affiliate booster theme is all about customization. You can alter the widgets, the header, the footer, and all the possible appearance features that you can think of.

But it is better if we discussed each one of them in detail.

a. Homepage Layout:-

Affiliate Booster customers are provided with 12 different homepage layout to choose from.

affiliate booster theme homepage layouts
a booster theme homepages

Because of this wide range of different layouts. You can pick one according to your content at the same time you are getting options to customize the given homepage as well. Therefore, the chances of you bumping into someone with the same homepage layout is very low.

b. Header Layout:-

Most probably header is the first thing that a user interacts with, therefore, you can have an ugly looking header. Affiliate Booster Theme provides its users with an array of different header layout.

You have 6 different header layouts to choose from, so that, you can add banners and hashtags, giving you a clear edge over your competitor.

c. Typography Options:-

Typography or the art of arranging letters in a more appealing manner is something that amps up your experience when you interact with a website. So, you can say it is making your website attractive with texts.

Think of it this way, would you rather have a book with an exciting cover or a book that just has the name printed on the cover. I guess! That you will pick the prior option.

In the same manner, Typography enhances your website.

The Affiliate Booster Theme has some interesting options that you can use:-

Body Background Color:-

As the name suggests, one can change the color of the background with the help of body background color options.

Content Background Color:-

You can have the same color for the body and the content, but if you use chance it up a bit. It will be like topping on the cake.

Advanced Typography:-

This is what we meant when we said, making your website attractive with texts. It is by far one of the strongest features of the Affiliate Booster Theme. You get to choose the font size, color, and many more things. To know more about it head to the official website of Affiliate Booster.

Mobile Friendly: Affiliate Booster Theme:-

This is one of those features, that we often overlook while creating a website. But you must know that the desktop site and the mobile site are quite different. That’s the reason why you see the “Desktop Site” option in Chrome’s mobile application.

Because of this naiveness, most of the websites don’t live up to the owner’s expectations. ‘Cause let’s be honest, we spend most of our day being glued to that 6inch screen. So, naturally, you will consume most of your content on mobile rather than on your computers.

And the competition isn’t exactly fair. As because of iOS and Androids, the number of smartphones sold in a year is way more than the number of laptops or desktops sold. Because of this, if your website is not optimized to work on mobile then all your fonts and link will look unnoticeable and ugly.

The Affiliate Booster theme ensures that your website is mobile friendly(as we have seen above).

Another term you should be familiar with is Mobile Responsive, it’s nothing but a google’s term for mobile friendly.

If your website is mobile responsive then Google will rank it higher on desktops as well. As both of the sites has the same algorithm.

WordPress Editor Compatability:-

According to our testing, the affiliate booster theme is compatible with all the three WordPress editors, Classic Editor, Gutenberg Editor, and Eliminator. Which is not the case with most of the websites.

Most of the themes you will find on the internet are either compatible with one or a maximum of two editors. Because of this, you won’t have any problem with any editor you choose.

Features of Affiliate Booster Theme:-

There are tons of paid Affiliate Booster Themes out there in the market. And Affiliate Booster Theme is one of them, but there’s a little caveat here. Apart from it being an affiliate theme, there are tons of things that it can do.

In this section, we are going to talk about the additional features this theme gives.

Affiliate Booster Plugin:-

Affiliate Booster Theme provides its users with free plugins. One of the best is the Gutenberg plugin.

So, you just have to use it as an add-on, making it extremely easy to use.

One of the best advantages of plugins is that they save time. They give you an additional layout that you can use if you want to compare two items, or if you want to list the pros and cons of a product and many more.

Therefore, it will amp up your website’s visual points, eventually, increasing the time you spend on a website.

Not, only that plugins also increase your SEO points as google want your website to look as clean as possible. Therefore, your website will rank, and eventually, your Click Through Rate will increase.

This is why you should get your hands on Affiliate Booster Theme as soon as possible(because of the ongoing discounts).

Let’s some of the plugins offered by Affiliate Booster Theme:-

Single Product Block:-

Single Product Block is best when you have to review a product and make it as short and brief as possible. This is a default plugin and one of the most simple and easy-to-use plugins. Just add an image and write a few points beside and you have an attractive layout.

Comparison Table:-

If you have more than one product then this is one of the best plugins to use. They offer you a table where you can list all the differences and allow viewers to compare and pick the best one for you.

This is an example of what you will get if you pick the affiliate booster theme’s comparison table.

Pros and Cons block:-

As the name suggests, the Pros and Cons block is the best and widely used block when it comes to Affiliate Marketing. As an affiliate marketer can’t brag about a product but he has to list the demerits as well.

Following is the example, of the Pros and Cons block.

Good and Bad Features Block:-

This is can use an alternative or pros and cons block. One can list all the good features and the bad feature of a product in this layout making the website aesthetically pleasing.

Apart from these, there are many other blocks that you should check via this website.

Affiliate Booster Theme Plans and Offers:-

There are three plans that you can get.

Single Site Plan:-

Single Site Plan is an ideal purchase for small business and growing brands. You can get them $26.25/year which is a discounted price, as normally it’s $35/year.

But what you are getting is a true value for money.

  • A completely scheme optimized theme.
  • An SEO score of nearly 99.
  • Minimum loading time and dash overall speed.
  • Completely optimized with Gutenberg.
  • Six Header layout as well as nine homepage layout.
  • Typography Control, color control, and a completely responsive theme.
  • Free Affiliate Booster Plugins and Elementor Compatibility.
  • A discount of about 40%

50 Site License:-

It is an intermediate plan, best for medium brands or a company with not more than 50 Sites.

You can get at  $48.75/yearwhich is a discounted price, as normally it’s $65/year. Even though you are spending more but the value has also increased.

  • A completely scheme optimized theme.
  • An SEO score of nearly 99.
  • Minimum loading time and dash overall speed.
  • Completely optimized with Gutenberg.
  • Six Header layout as well as nine homepage layout.
  • Typography Control, color control, and a completely responsive theme.
  • Free Affiliate Booster Plugins and Elementor Compatibility.
  • A discount of about 40%

Unlimited Sales of Affiliate Booster Theme:-

It is the last and premium plan that you can enroll in if you have a big brand or even if you have a brand but you want to increase your sales exponentially.

You can get your hands on this at $82.50/year which is a discounted price, as normally it’s $110/year. Even though you are spending more but the value has also increased.

  • A completely scheme optimized theme.
  • An SEO score of nearly 99.
  • Minimum loading time and dash overall speed.
  • Completely optimized with Gutenberg.
  • Six Header layout as well as nine homepage layout.
  • Typography Control, color control, and a completely responsive theme.
  • Free Affiliate Booster Plugins and Elementor Compatibility.
  • A discount of about 40%


In this article, we have reviewed the Affiliate Booster Theme which one of the best themes in the world. If you want to rank then this is your best bet.

In my opinion, you should spend a little and get this plan as this will amp-up your rank. Hopefully, this review has cleared all your doubts.