Top 10 High Ticket Affiliate Programs in 2020:-

If you are looking to make a big turnover with the help of affiliate marketing then the high ticket affiliate programs are the way to go. They allow you to make an enormous profit as a commission with the help of a high ticket affiliate program.

Therefore, in this article, we are going to discuss what a high ticket affiliate program is and mention 10 of the best high ticket affiliate program that you should take into consideration.

What is a high ticket affiliate program?

The high ticket affiliate program is the most profitable affiliate program or a form of affiliate marketing where the profit margin is very high. One can earn millions of dollars with the help of high ticket affiliate programs, but you need to be really good at it to be successful.

Merits of high ticket affiliate programs:-

High Ticket Affiliate Programs has a plethora of merits and in this section, we are going to discuss them.

  • The profit margin in form of the commission is very high.
  • You can run an advertisement on Google and Facebook because of the available room.
  • Since most of the buyers are looking to buy the product, one can increase the sales rate with good marketing.
  • Because of the high payment, one can invest more in order to get more leads.

Demerits of high ticket affiliate programs:-

Nothing is perfect in this world and this theory is applicable to high ticket affiliate programs as well. So, let’s look at some of its demerits.

  • Since these programs are expensive, one needs to be very precise while pitching as the leads are not easy to get.
  • Because of the higher budget, the stakes are higher as well.

There were the merits and demerits of high ticket affiliate programs. You should not be confused by these as the only thing you should remember is that you can make millions of dollars with this.

10 High Ticket Affiliate Programs:-

Let’s quickly have a look at some of the high ticket affiliate programs that you can try in 2020. The listing is in order and it’s not a static list, it’s based on personal preferences. So, if any of your favorite programs can’t make it to the list then you should mention them in the comment section.

1. Cloudways:-

If you are an experienced affiliate marketer or a tech geek then you must have heard of Cloudway before. Cloudways is as the name suggests a cloud-based hosting program.

Cloudways also provides affiliate services, where you will get 24×7 customer support via live chat. The blogs are really intuitive and with a plethora of information about the latest news and technology.

You will get three plans to choose from, so you can choose the best one according to your needs. The fourth option i.e; the affiliate support can be used as an account manager.

But the most important thing that you may want to know is the amount of money that you can make. You should know that according to many cloudways users the average commission per sale is $400.

2. SEMRush’s BeRush:-

If you are a long time affiliate marketer then you must have heard about the SEMRush. SEMRush is one of the best affiliate marketing tools. And because of their global fanbase, SEMrush is able to build one of the most famous and widely regarded high ticket affiliate programs, which they call BeRush.

Because of SEMRush’s brand value and a pretty well-reputed market, BeRush is the best high ticket affiliate program in the market.

The best part about this service is that it is easy-to-use coupled with a very easy signup process. You will get 24×7 customer support and a 40% commission as well.

3. Udemy:-

Who doesn’t know about Udemy and their classes? Udemy is one of the most famous education facilities. They have a plethora of courses which are probably the best in the market.

But what you didn’t know about Udemy is that they provide you affiliate links to promote and the commissions are high making it one of the best high ticket programs.

Its lucrativeness can be examined with the fact that education will never go out of fashion. So, when you click on the join now option you will get affiliate manager and many other Udemy affiliate features.

Some of the highlights of Udemy affiliate programs are listed below:-

  • The commission rates are very competitive.
  • Affiliate Marketers will be provided with a dedicated affiliate manager.
  • Deep Linking capability possessed by the text lines.
  • Tons of banners.

Long story short if you are below 30 or have a great market of students then Udemy is the best one for you.

4. Grammarly:-

If you are a content writer then you must have used Grammarly or at least have heard of it. Grammarly is a tool to check and rectify the grammatical mistake that your content possesses. It has tons of features such as making your text non-wordy, showing synonyms of a word, etc.

Guess what? They probably have one of the most lucrative high ticket affiliate marketing programs in the market. Because of its easy-to-use nature and an in-demand tool, Grammarly can help you earn thousands if not millions of dollars.

Before joining Grammarly you should know that it has two plans, a free and a paid plan. A free plan can help you in rectifying grammatical errors and a premium plan helps in constructing complex sentences. So, when someone enrolls in the Grammarly free plan you will get $0.20 whereas, enrollment in a premium plan can give you a $20 payout.

5. Fiverr:-

Before explaining anything, let’s just make one thing straight. Fiverr is best for beginners, now let’s see what it is.

Fiverr is one of the best Freelancing portals, you can pitch your skills and will get work accordingly. But what most people don’t know about it is that you can do affiliate marketing with this as well.

There are two commission plans in Fiverr, namely Fiverr CPA and Fiverr Hybrid. You can earn more than $150CPA with just one sale and a month of selling can help you earn anywhere between $10000 to $15000.

6. Active Campaign:-

Just like Cloudways, which we have discussed earlier, Active Campaign is another cloud-based service. One can manage market automation and CRM with its help.

The joining procedure is pretty simple, you have to create your account, and start promoting.

The best thing about Active Campaign is its commission percentage i.e; 30%. Because of this one can easily say that an active campaign is one of the best high ticket affiliate programs.

7. Teachable:-

As the name suggests Teachable is an online teaching platform. You can build and take classes from there.

The two of the selling points for teachable’s affiliate program is the 30% commission and the ability to track the details for 90 days.

Another thing you should note that because of the brand value that Teachable has, convincing someone to enroll in teachable.

Therefore, because of its easy to use mechanism and high commission rate, it takes the seventh position in our high ticket affiliate program list.

8. VIPCars:-

If you are interested in motors and cars then you should definitely enroll in this program. VIPcars is a portal where you can buy or sell cars.

One can earn up to 70% commission via this service. And because of its wide market and easy to use the program, its lucrativeness can’t be overlooked. Therefore, giving it the 8th position is perfectly fine.

9. MemberMouse:-

You may be familiar with WordPress, who isn’t, MemberMouse is a WordPress’s membership program and one of the most famous affiliate marketing programs in the world of internet marketing.

Now, let’s understand how good it is, the cookie duration is 90 days and the commission rate is very high as well, as 25% of the payment made in a year, $120 for builder plan, and $1,797 for a professional plan. Because of this and the demand for WordPress, one can easily say that it’s lucrative.

10. HubSpot:-

If you are a content marketer then you must have heard of this company before. HubSpot is a one-stop-shop affiliate marketer.

It is one of the best things to do if you have some extra time. The commission rate is very high and can go up to $1000 for a single product.

Now, let’s just understand some of its plans, if you are a beginner then you need to enroll in the starter plan at $250, after some time you need to enroll in the professional plan at $500, and then finally after gaining years of experience you should enroll in the enterprise plan at $1000 commission.

So, because of this and the fact that it’s lucrativeness one can say that it deserves a spot in our top 10 list.


Now, let’s conclude the article. In this article, we have seen what high ticket affiliate marketing is and its merits and demerits. Then we saw the top 10 high ticket affiliate programs out there in the market that you must enroll in.

Hopefully, this article is helpful for your affiliate carrier.