In the affiliate marketing field, You have to acquire some essential skills, making an affiliate marketing website is one of them. In this article, you are going to learn how to make an affiliate website.

create an affiliate marketing site in 2021 is quite easy but you should build it carefully if you want to make an authority site that means a trusted site.

How much time is needed for it is up to you cause it depends on the niche that you choose and also depends on your vision, how audience-friendly you wanna make it? This is the most popular question that how to make an affiliate website that generates sells

Some newbies waste his/her time to make blogs beautiful, they do things more confusing and after all, they are stuck. Ok, I’m telling you my story when I was a newbie, actually, I’m a newbie yet.

I started making my first affiliate website before choosing any niche, I thought after creating a blog I will choose a niche then I was busy creating my blog for around 3 months cause I was confused about what should I do and what shouldn’t. That was the funny moment I spend and now I know a little bit that I am sharing with you.

Yes, you need some money to make an affiliate marketing website but don’t worry you don’t need a huge amount of money, you need just about 40$ to 50$ for buying a domain, good hosting, and a theme.

Many people try to do it free. Yes, you can do it on Blogspot but that’s not a good idea when you want to make an engaging affiliate marketing site, cause in an affiliate marketing site you need customization, speed, and an engaging website that’s not possible on Blogspot.

Now, you have some idea about the process. Read this article carefully and learn how to make an affiliate marketing website. So let’s dig into it,

How to make an affiliate website

Choose a niche

In this area, many newbies get stuck, they don’t understand what he/she should pick and as usual, I also did it and picked a wrong niche where I had interest but not demandable, after some research and analysis I regretted.

Let’s say you are passionate about fashion, it’s a good niche also has demand and in the future, it will in demand, You can choose it but as a newbie, it’s not perfect for you cause its a broad niche, you have to clarify a micro specific topic for better result cause it will be easier to rank for you.

For example, you can select men’s sneakers or sunglass for women, this is a micro-niche in the fashion niche, it is scaleable when you got the market and demand, such as you can broad it anytime

So try to choose a demandable and also interesting micro niche that you know very well. It’s not difficult to find. Just follow some steps and you can do it without a hitch.

  • Write down your interest topics,
  • Go to google trend and search those topics,
  • Find out demandable topics from that list,
  • Remember to select that topic what you know and you have skill in that,
  • If you have no skill on that topic then start to learn and be master it.
  • And also keep in mind that it could be scalable.

So choose a profitable niche very carefully and determine your target audience means finding out your potential customer where you wanna reach.

Choose a domain name

Choosing the right domain name for your blog is important because you can’t change it when you want without hurting your rankings.

Here are some tips to choose the right domain name for your affiliate blog

  • Use your niche related keyword in the domain
  • Try to take .com
  • Keep it unique
  • Keep it easy to pronounce and spell
  • Try to take short domain name as much as possible
  • Avoid hyphens, space, double letters in the domain name
  • Get a free domain with Bluehost hosting
  • Take quick action before someone else takes it

Choose web hosting for your affiliate blog

Before choosing a web hosting provider make sure that your site stays up consistently and don’t lose visitors or potential audiences with crushed browsers and any errors like 404.

Also ensure, the web hosting provider will provide you 24/7 support, and won’t overcharge you either.

My recommend is Bluehost web hosting

Bluehost started in 1996 and continuously grew and now it becomes one of the largest and popular web hosting providers in the world. They provide their customer 24/7 support for a free and good relationship with the community.

Bluehost review, is it really worth it

  • Site load speed is good {1.46 ms}
  • Performance {A+}
  • Average response time {1.28}
  • One click wordpress installation
  • Support system {24/7 free} with a phone or live chat
  • Free domain for one year in every plan
  • Free SSL and free CDN to block malware and improve your site security


  • Reliability:- It has now more than two million customers all over the world.
  • Money-Back guarantee:- They provide a 30-day money-back guarantee on all plans.
  • Hidden Fees:- There are no hidden charges when you signup.
  • Pricing:- There hosting price is good compare to others services and prices.


  • Addons:- They have an aggressive upsell process but you can easily uncheck all the addons if you don’t need them.
  • Domain renewal price:- Their free domain renewal price is higher but their security is good.

Affiliate disclosure

This is an affiliate link, I will get some commission when you purchase by clicking my link and it won’t take any extra charge from you.

Install wordpress

WordPress is popular CMS [content management system]. it is very easy to use when you have no knowledge of coding.

When you signup for Bluehost web hosting with our link they will automatically install WordPress for you. You just simply log in to your Bluehost account and then click the login to WordPress button, It will be started.

Choose a WordPress theme for your affiliate site

There are many WordPress themes available in the market some are free and some are premium. It doesn’t matter which theme are you choosing, you can choose free or premium but the best WordPress theme for affiliate marketing will provide some features that you need.

Make sure your theme is provided these,

  • Pre-design templates
  • Built-in Features like star ratings, images gallery, and video
  • Effective product reviews
  • Schema optimized
  • Fully customizable and tablet and mobile-friendly
  • No coding required

You can try affiliate booster theme that is good for affiliate marketing websites.

Install some essencial plugins

Essential plugins mean that help you to,

  • add easilly affiliate links to your posts and pages
  • Add, save, and manage affiliate links in your WordPress dashboard
  • TO make it easy to use for both you and your audience & affiliates so you can build a loyal business
  • Track your highest performing post, page and affiliate campaign
  • Create shareable referral links on social media
  • And also give you SEO support.
  • Help you to do On-Page & Off-Page SEO.
  • Manage your Media size.
  • Secure your site from any problems.
  • Help you to analyze Google data
  • & Support for all the things you do.

For details you can read our Best WordPress plugins for affiliate marketing posts, there we shared some crucial plugins and which plugin is for what.

Neccessary pages for affiliate site

How to make an affiliate website [Important Pages]

Some pages are important for your blog so that your audience doesn’t leave and it could be a way to grow your conversion. According to your niche, you may need some more pages, it depends on what niche you are chosen.

You can simply create these pages. For example, to create an about us page go to the google search bar and type “about us page generator” and sign up there it will make the about us page for you.

  • About Us page
  • Contact Us Page
  • Disclaimer Page
  • Affiliate disclosure page
  • Resource page

Every page you can create with same way without resource page cause in resource page you will give your products reviews so it has to create by you you can make it with any page builder like elementor.

Write some blog posts

Before writing, posts do some keyword research about your niche. what are the important keywords that you wanna rank and try to find some less competitive keywords and add these to your blog posts?

By writing posts give information about your niche as much as possible. and don’t try to copy others after writing you can check your post by plagiarism checker that it would be unique.

Try to write twenty to thirty blog posts so that your site looks professional.


Your affiliate marketing blog is ready. Now is the time to promote your site on social media, forums, FB groups, and pages.

Do some on-page and off-page SEO. On-page SEO like Use keywords in the blog posts, Write attractive headlines, Use photos or videos in posts, etc.

Off-page means you have to do some tasks out of your site like, create backlinks, promote on social media, guest posts, etc.

We hope you enjoy this article and understand how to make an affiliate website but nothing happens until you take action so take action as much as possible. If you have some confusion then don’t be shy to comment us below.

Write in the comment that what niche you have taken right now cause it would be your first action to start your affiliate marketing career and I will happy to see your comment and share this post with your friend.